Leonardo Farmaceutica

We are an Italian company with 12 years experience in Italian market, on july 2022 we open our Warehouse in the US and now we are ready to supply the most demanding customer.

We are highly devoted to using the most advanced technology so that it can establish and deliver different amazing products at a reasonable cost. Our company’s main aim is to focus on making our beloved employees happy and satisfied so that they can also keep our customers/patients happy.




Leonardo farmaceutica


You can easily fill out the form given on the contact page of our company. Once submitted, a professional account intake specialist will instantly contact you to take the few next steps to set up a new account. 

Given the uniqueness and vastness of individualized formulation of compounds, it’s not possible to list each potential compound we provide. To investigate if we recently can compound the prescription, just fill out the form on our contact page.

After payment and funds are collected, roughly 5-7 business days.


No they don’t contain guaiacol or EO, the Asteroid oils are considered as the smoothest and most gentle at injection spot.


BTC, MoneyGram, Zelle, Wire Transfer.


Yes. It is packed very tightly and discreet.

All orders are backed by our delivery guarantee!


Yes, the order minimum is $130.


The Shipping in US territory is free