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Testosterone C 400mg/ml


Testosterone is a form of steroid which plays a basic role in developing male reproductive tissues such as the prostate and testes. There are several medical advantages of using Testosterone Cypionate in both sexes.

In ancient times the formula testosterone is used to treat breast cancer in women and hypogonadism in men from the 1990s.

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Uses of Testosterone C 400mg/ml

Testosterone cypionate is a demanding self-injectable medication. You can even take this medicine to yourself at home after your primary care physician tells you the best way to take it under precautions.

Advantages of Testosterone C 400mg/ml

  1. Testosterone is utilized as a prescription for the therapy of male hypogonadism, sexual orientation dysphoria, and specific sorts of bosom cancer.
  2. It is known as chemical substitution treatment or testosterone substitution treatment (TRT), which keeps up serum testosterone levels in the ordinary reach.
  3. A decrease of testosterone creation with age has prompted interest in androgen substitution therapy.

How Testosterone C 400mg/ml works?

Testosterone cypionate is mostly found as the brand name, which is known as the drug Depo-Testosterone. The substance is additionally available as a nonexclusive medication which is normally found in US hospitals.

Nonexclusive medications and injections are normally cost low, which is considered as low as compared to the brand-name alternative. At times, they can also be available in several shapes and forms as the brand-name drug.

Development and Possible responses of Testosterone C 400mg/ml:

Testosterone cypionate has a place with a class of medications called androgens. A class of medicines is a combination of drugs that work likewise as a human syndrome.

Testosterone cypionate is utilized to treat signs of hypogonadism which is mostly found in adult men. In this condition, men in their adult ages are unable to produce enough sex chemical testosterone.

It can likewise cause decreased development of penis and balls, gynecomastia, loss of body hair and bulk, paleness, and osteoporosis.



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