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Testosterone P 100 mg/ml


Testosterone P 100 is a slower-release compound that was discovered in 1936 and introduced in the market in 1937. The medicine is a longer-acting testosterone substance that offers long-term sustainable effects.

It is available in form of an oil solution that is used with injection. Mostly for the treatment of sexual problems, growth issues and to treat sexual incompetency. It is with the chemical formula of Testosterone Propionate that various bands use to make the product.

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Uses of Testosterone P 100 mg/ml

Testosterone Propionate is slow release anabolic compound that is with a short life. The medicine is effective for the treatment of androgen replacement therapy. In the male, it helps to trigger the production of testosterone and remove the deficiency. Moreover, it is useful in attaining puberty in boys and improve sexual desire.

Improve strength with side effects

The Testosterone Propionate is available in a vial and injected inside the body for the treatment. The component is effective for the treatment of androgen replacement therapy. In therapy, it offers some side effects like virilization, nausea, lightheadedness, change in sexual interest, or more.

If the side effects are persistent then recommended consulting a health care professional. It is painful in injecting due to its attributes and recommended dosage as per the person’s requirement.

Abstraction of Testosterone P 100 mg/ml

Testosterone Propionate is a short-duration effective drug that is injecting in the foam of oil solution. The drug was used in testosterone replacement therapy. But with time it is no longer available for use in humans because it is quite painful in injecting and consider the short duration.

Moreover, the introduction of other long-acting testosterone compounds reduces the effectiveness and its usage. In the medical Testosterone Propionate is effective for strength, physique development, and improve performance.


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